Scent Events

Bespoke Perfume Creation

Would you like a scent designed for you personally, or for your colleagues or guests, or to reflect your brand? Book an exclusive consultation with Sue Phillips who will use her extensive perfume experience to create a scent for you that will be truly unique and personal. This one-on-one experience has been rated the BEST place to create your own perfume and Sue has created fragrances for celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon, as well as Fortune 100 and 500 clients such as AOL, Bulgari, Coty, Tiffany, Google, Lincoln Navigator, Zurich Financial and many others.

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Bridal Showers

Everyone remembers the fragrance that they wear on their wedding day. Sue Phillips not only gives you the opportunity to design your own iconic scent for that special day, but also provides favors and gifts for the bridal party.

It is also an ideal group event for bachelorette parties. All packages can be tailored to your special requirements.

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Corporate Branding

What does your Brand smell like? Whatever your business, fragrance is such a powerful, emotional tool, that it can be used to enhance your brand in many ways.

Develop a Signature Brand Scent to capture the attention of your clients. Whether you diffuse it in the air, or bottle your signature brand scent for your loyal clients, Scenterprises has a wealth of experience in building more attractive and profitable brands through the use

of fragrance.

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Corporate Team Building

Enjoy the sweet smell of success! Participants are split into teams with a brief to create a fragrance, formulate a marketing strategy and present their launch plans at the end of the session. The day is designed to be fun and interactive, while encompassing as many business skills as possible.

Our team building events can be tailored to a full day or half-day course and are built around the key skills needed to succeed in business today while being extremely engaging. Please complete our Scent Event Inquiry Form or for more information – contact us

Fragrance and Fashion Event

Fashion is our OUTER accessory. Fragrance is an intangible
INNER accessory.You mix and match your fashion to reflect your personality,
so why not do the same with your perfume Come on a Fragrance Journey with Scenterprises and  learn how to reflect
your individuality through your scent. Fashion and Fragrance events can
be used for private fashion shows or commercial events.
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Fragrance Parties

Perfume creation is a memorable group activity and an ideal way for private party organizers to offer a one-of-a-kind event through Custom Scent Experiences.

Whether young or old, everyone can enjoy the fun, interesting and educational “experience” by creating their very own scent. We can comfortably host 15 guests at The Scentarium ( or for larger groups we can come to your location.

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Scent Dinners

Did you know that scent can enhance and complement your food? With a Scenterprises’ Scent Dinner you will go on a culinary/scent journey and discover a whole new world of “scentsory” delights! We collaborate with Chefs on the menu and offer a memorable and spectacular fun DINING and SCENT experience. At the end of the meal all guests take home a memento of the evening with their own extraordinary signature scent from the evening’s range of fragrances.

Suitable for all gatherings – both large and small. Complete our Scent Event Inquiry Form or email us:

Scent Events

Sue Phillips – Scentrepreneur and CEO of Scenterprises, provides amazing Scent Experiences and Events for all occasions. Are you looking for an innovative, fun, experiential, interactive and multi-sensory event? Then look no further.

Our Scent Events are suitable for your colleagues, friends or customers. Scent Events can be designed around your particular products, your clientele or your Special Occasion. Please complete our Scent Event Inquiry Form and for more information – contact us:
Here are our offerings:

The Perfume Bar – Scentertainment™ for Your Event

Looking for a creative, interactive, fun and educational “experience” to share with your guests and for a special occasion? Then look no further. Scenterprises™’ Perfume Bar is available to hire for groups of 20, 50, 100 and more, and is ideal for Corporate and Team-building events for large groups. We bring our “Perfume Bar” to your location.

Suitable for all events including Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Corporate Sponsor Days, Team-building days, Anniversaries, Holiday events – for ALL occasions. Please complete our Scent Event Inquiry Form or for more information – contact us

Wedding Planning Day

If you’re a Wedding Planner, then adding the Gift of Scent to the Special Day is a must. Clients can design a scent at their actual Wedding – or they can design a scent before the event and give each of their guests a bespoke perfume reflecting their unique partnership.

Fun, creative and a memorable experience for all involved. Please complete our Scent Event Inquiry Form or email us:

Wine and Scent Evening

Discover the fascinating world of scent, the power of a fragrance and how to select your own personal taste in perfumes while combining it with your favorite choices of wine.
We collaborate with SOMMELIERS to create extraordinary SENSORY pairings.For your next fun occasion, offer an interactive, fun,
educational ‘SIP, SNIFF & SAVOR” event. Complete our Scent Event Inquiry
Form or for more information contact us:

Book an appointment to meet Sue and create your very own Custom Perfume at The Scentarium - New York's Premier Bespoke Perfumery